Making Music Time Fun and Interactive!

Looking for some new activity ideas for Music Time?  Here’s a few that I’ve seen work successfully over the years.  Have an idea you’d be willing to share?  Leave it in the comments below! Printable PDF of this post for use as a handout.

  1. Royal Singer.  Bring a simple robe/cape and crown.  Choose one child to wear the “royal garments” and have them leave the room (with an adult) for a minute.  While the “Royal Singer” is outside, you and the remaining children decide which word of the song will be the “secret word” (e.g. Love might be the secret word in I Love to See the Temple).  Usher the Royal Singer back into the room and then have the children sing the entire song, omitting the “secret word”.  You can help them remember which word to omit by some hand motion.  The Royal Singer’s goal is to guess the “secret word”, if needed offer hints!  This activity encourages the children to sing all the lyrics well and allows the Royal Singer to pay close attention to which word is omitted.  Make sure and play this game with songs the children know well.
  2. Group Gift.  Wrap a shoe box so that the lid can be taken on and off.  Choose a simple prize to put inside thebox, one for each child (stickers, erasers, Article of Faith cards, Hershey kisses etc.)  Once the prizes are inside the box, tie it up with lots of ribbons—each ribbon will represent a song you want to sing.  You can label the ribbons if you want, or you could just have a list of songs (and one for the pianist!) and as the first ribbon is taken off, you sing song #1, second ribbon, sing song #2 etc.  The goal is to get all the ribbons off so the children get the prize inside the box!  With this as the end goal it helps keep everyone on task.
  3. Build a Puzzle.  Use a picture you already have, or draw a simple picture, then cut it into puzzle pieces.  You can choose the picture based on what theme you are studying during that month.  Each puzzle piece will have a number on the back of it (this way you can reuse the same puzzle but sing different songs each time).  You could scatter the pieces around the room, in plain view, and have children bring them up front one at a time OR you could scatter them on a table up front and have a child come up and choose a piece.  Either way, once they have chosen the puzzle piece they look on the back and tell you the number, this number corresponds to a song on your list.
  4. Easter Basket.  Prepare a basket of plastic eggs, each with a song written on a piece of paper tucked inside.  Before music time begins, hide the eggs around the room (in plain sight).  Let the children know you’ll be looking for “Super Singers” to help you fill your basket with the eggs.  Call on one child to find an egg and then peek inside to find out what the next song will be.
  5. Flannel Board Story.  Trace simple pictures onto medium weight Pellon (which is a material used for interfacing in sewing).  This material is easy to see-through for tracing and it is really easy to color on using crayons.  Color it first and then cut out the individual pieces.  Each piece of the story can be assigned a song and as you sing each song you put the piece on the flannel board to tell the story.
  6. Hide the Note.  Cut out a simple musical note (whatever size is fine, about 4-5 inches tall seems to work well).  Show the kids the “note” and then have one child step outside of the room while you hide the note.  When they come back in the rest of the children will sing the song quieter or louder to help them find the note.  When the child searching gets closer to finding it the kids sing louder; when the child turns in the wrong direction the group sings quieter.
  7. Build a Snowman.  Or a scarecrow, or a Turkey, or a tall ice cream cone with different colored scoops.  Choose your theme based on the time of year.  Have the pieces of the snowman set out on a table with songs written on the back (or just use post-it notes so that you can save the visuals and change up the songs when you use it again).
  8. Singing Olympics.  This is a great activity to prepare for the Primary Program in the fall.  Create a poster board with all the songs on it that you will be singing.  Create columns next to each song title.  Cut out bronze, silver and gold medals (brown, gray and yellow construction paper does the trick).  Perhaps you could bring some official-looking neck ties for the judges.   Enlist the help of the Primary Presidency members to be your panel of judges and have them sit in the front of the room so they can evaluate the singing.  After each song the judges collaborate and decide which medal they earned for their singing efforts.  Display the medal on the poster board in the column next to that song title.  This activity works well over a number of weeks.  The goal is to end up getting a gold medal for each of the songs before performance time.
  9. Blessings Tree.  Draw a simple tree with no leaves, then draw and cut out a bunch of single leaves.  Some of the leaves can have a word written on them such as: teachers, parents, Jesus, my body, the scriptures, etc. (different blessings). Some of the leaves can be blank and the child can name something he/she considers a blessing.  The word on the leaf can correspond with a specific song e.g. Jesus—“I’m Trying to be Like Jesus”, the scriptures—“Scripture Power”, etc. and then the children that choose a blank leaf can choose their favorite song to sing.
  10. Fall Leaves Clean Up.  Have 10-12 fall colored leaves (make them out of colored paper or use the fake store-bought ones) with a number written on the back of each.  This activity is fun during the fall season.  Talk about the trees losing their leaves outside and sprinkle your fall leaves on the ground in front of you.  Ask the children if they can help you clean up the leaves, let them know you’ll be looking for “Super Singers” to help you come choose a leaf to determine which song you will sing next.
  11. Go Fish.  Make some paper fish and a fishing pole with a stick or a dowel from the hardware store; add a string with a strong magnet on the end to the fishing pole.  Put a paper clip on each fish for the magnet to grab onto. Let the children go fishing for the next song.  This activity can also set the stage for a scripture story about being fishers of men or Jesus feeding the multitude.

~ Michelle





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7 responses to “Making Music Time Fun and Interactive!

  1. Marjorie

    The kids love to play super singer! Great ideas Michelle

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