Impressions of Helaman 6

I read goal number 7 of the Primary Leader Training and Award Program. It stated: “Prayerfully study the scriptures with your Primary assignment in mind. Record your impressions in your journal.” That night rather than trying to find an easily applicable scripture I chose to continue on where I was previously studying – Helaman, chapter 6 – and I was amazed at how much I could apply to my Primary calling!


There are two possible outcomes to our lives: peace or destruction.

Peace comes from the gospel, humility, missionary work and faith.

Destruction stems from pride, wickedness, evil and the Gadianton Robbers or evil people.

When Satan gets a hold of our hearts it leads to our destruction and it can happen quickly.

Righteousness is firmness and steadfastness of faith.

Joy comes from conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ and fellowship with others.

The gospel is the only thing that can overcome evil.

We must fortify children when they are young so that they can withstand the enticements of Satan.

This chapter deals with the basics. How we act determines whether we will feel peace or anguish. Destruction can happen quickly. We must prepare and build up children so they can withstand temptation. Everything depends upon that! That is what we do every week: we try to strengthen children, build up their testimonies, and help them develop a relationship with God.

When I read this chapter and applied it to Primary it became a testimony to me of how important the basics are, how clear and straightforward the gospel is and that because of my calling I have an important responsibility to the children under my stewardship.



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