The (Cranberry) Bread of Life

I baked a beautiful loaf of cranberry bread and left it to cool on the counter top.  When I returned 5 minutes later the first thing I noticed was a trail of crumbs leading into the front room.  While I was gone my 2-year-old reached up and grabbed the loaf of bread and pulled it off the countertop onto the floor (thud, crumble, crumble) then dragged it through the kitchen (crumble, crumble) into the front room (smear, squish, crumble) and placed it nicely on the couch (thud, crumble).  When I found her she was ripping off chunks of bread and shoving them into her mouth happily!

After recovering from shock I realized there is a great lesson hidden in those crumbs: the gospel is like a beautiful fresh-baked loaf of cranberry bread sitting prettily on the counter top waiting to be enjoyed and digested by our families and friends.  Sometimes I feel like I am so concerned about letting the loaf of bread cool and look just right that I forget to slice into it and share it!  Clearly, my daughter was ready for a piece of bread!

I know I am guilty of leaving her hungry for the gospel some days.  Sometimes I have an agenda that includes grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, and reading my book and I forget to stop and slice off a piece of truth to share with my children or neighbors.  I even have a motto hanging on the wall in my kitchen (my dear friend Ann had this motto in her own kitchen and I loved it so much I borrowed it):  “Laugh, Play, Hug & Teach the Gospel.”  Those are the things I see as being eternally important.  Of course, buying groceries and cleaning the house are certainly necessary, but sometimes I feel like I let them consume me to the neglect of more important things.  President Dieter Uchtdorf recently said, “We can ask ourselves, ‘Am I committing my time and energies to the things that matter most?’ There are so many good things to do, but we can’t do them all.”

What do you do to balance life’s juggling act and keep the most important things on top?  We’d love for you to share your ideas with us!



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