Growing in your Primary Calling

Maybe you’re one of those people with an “internal center of control.” You just decide what you need to do, and you do it.

I’m not. Left to my own devices, I coast. It helps me grow when I set goals, strive for deadlines, work towards something.

If you’re the former, keep it up. I learn from you.

If you’re the latter, join me in working towards the ten goals suggested in the Primary Leader Training and Award program. I’ve been working on it awhile and it’s helped me stretch in ways I might not thought of.

I want to grow in my calling — I want to be a better Primary leader in the new year than ever before, stretching to be closer to the Lord so I am better able to receive personal revelation from Him about how to reach His children. Somehow, a checkbox on a paper makes me more accountable. And a deadline makes me put it higher on the list of priorities than alphabetizing the spices.

Check it out — maybe it will help you grow too.


Primary Training & Award Program PDF


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