Overheard in Primary – Jesus can do that?

“And what else did Jesus do while he was alive?” asked the sister teaching Sharing Time.

“Teach people,” said the girl with the flower in her long hair.

“Right. What else?”

“I know. He healed the sick,” said the boy with his scriptures in his lap.

“Yes. What else?”

“He raised people from the dead,” said a nine-year-old  boy in a three-piece suit.

The boy next to the teacher stopped doodling and looked up with wide eyes.

“Jesus can do that? Raise people from the dead?”

“Of course he can.”

“Wow,” he said, and put down his pen and listened.

I forget what it feels like to learn about Jesus for the first time. What a personal privilege to see children’s faces light up as they get acquainted with Him and simply believe.



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