Overheard in Primary – Name That Tune

The theme for the month was Temples. The music leader stood up to lead the children in the song, “I Love to See The Temple.” But first she wanted them to guess the song.

“Boys and girls, we’re going to sing a special song to go with our theme today. I’ll give you some clues. You already know this song.  It’s about something very beautiful. You see it sometimes when you look out the window. Can you guess what the song is?”

A five year old boy piped up, “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad?”

And he was serious.

I love these kids.




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3 responses to “Overheard in Primary – Name That Tune

  1. Love it! Reminds me of the time when the music leader in our Primary said, “We have 5 more minutes . . .”, She was beginning to suggest what we would do to fill those minutes when a little voice jumped in quickly to yell, “Let’s waste those minutes!”

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