“Jesus, guide us!”

We visited a ward in our stake for their ward conference one Sunday, I brought my family with me.  My daughter joined their Nursery class and was welcomed with open arms.  As we were driving home after the meetings we chatted about our classes; my 2-year-old daughter piped up and added cheerfully, “Jesus, guide us!”

We quickly agreed!  Jesus certainly does guide us, and what an excellent guide He is!  To think, there are so many adults out there who haven’t yet learned this important truth, but our children have the opportunity to begin learning these principles so young.

I love that Nursery is available for our little ones as their first introduction to Primary and gospel learning in a church setting.  It’s truly amazing to see the capacity of these children, even the one-year-olds who are new to the class.  Their little spirits know and sense truth and slurp it up like little sponges!  I am thankful for the dedicated teachers who have shared their testimonies with my children (even when it seems like they aren’t listening), and share their love.  I know my children feel that love and feel the truth of those testimonies.

Nursery Lesson Plan Outline PDF

Nursery Lesson Plan: I Love the Scriptures PDF




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